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Established in 1984, the EIE Group Is the leading supplier of industrial and material handling equipment across Southern Africa.  They are a total solutions provider, supplying best-in-class brands, and delivering optimal lifetime value for our customers.

Known for setting high standards in its industry, the EIE Group is always implementing new systems and processes that enable them to maintain their brand ethos and market leadership.


The EHS culture of the EIE Group is one of the most committed in the country! EIE Group’s SHEQ policy “expresses the company’s commitment to ZERO HARM, to our people, the environment and our communities. Think Safe, Work Safe, Home Safe, underpins our daily safety behaviour and culture”.

The EIE Group make use of many contractors on their multiple sites, and making sure these contractors were inducted, certified, safe, and compliant before they could begin work was quite the administrative burden. Much time was spent getting contractors inducted and certified on-site, which incurs enormous cost and time.  Many cross-checks were required to ensure contractors offering services across multiple sites were compliant for those sites and work often needed to be duplicated.

A solution was needed that would help the EIE Groups achieve their high culture of compliance and safety, but in a manner that is time-efficient and cost-effective.


Because the EIE Group already makes effective use of both Rapid Incident Reporting and Rapid Audit software, it was a natural choice to turn to Rapid for their Contractor and Induction solutions.

“After successful implementation of both Rapid Incident and Rapid Auditor, it was an easy decision to take our contractor management to the next level by implementing Rapid Contractor. Amazing support from technical and a definite plus for the business. Compliance became a breeze.”

Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor were installed within 3 weeks.  As a result of the innovative Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor software, the EIE Group are now able to ensure contractors are inducted and certified BEFORE THEY ARRIVE ON SITE.  A common database means contractors only need to register and certify their company and their employees once, and all sites then know if they are compliant to enter.

The implementation of Rapid Contractor software has also saved a lot of time and reduced the workload of safety officers by at least half. The time they spend dealing with non-compliance of contractors during on-site induction has reduced significantly, and they, therefore, have substantially more time to develop proactive solutions to health and safety issues.

Additionally, the EIE Group extended the use of Rapid Induct to their employees, who are now electronically inducted automatically before they start working with the Group and on an ongoing basis as required.


Prior to Rapid Induct, Regional SHEQ Officer / National ISO Coordinator, Elize Koster, had to induct employees and contractors manually, a process that often proved frustrating and time-consuming. Today, she has fully automated EHS induction for all employees and contractors for the EIS Group. Employees and contractors are able to induct in their own time.  They are inducted before they arrive on site if they are coming to site for the first time.  Employees and contractors that perform services on-site regularly are automatically sent updated induction and training as required.  A useful dashboard allows Elize and her team to see who is not compliant.

“Implementing Rapid Induct in conjunction with Rapid Contractor has ensured full compliance from our contractor staff. We have also been able to increase staff compliance with Induct as all our employees are loaded on the system. A breeze with toolbox talks, incident learning and compliance with legal requirements. No one should be without this tool for their business.!”

– Elize Koster

A short 30-45-minute training session was all that was required to show the team how to use the software solutions. A user-friendly interface has meant increased use on a daily and weekly basis for many employees as well, making the Rapid Global software an important business tool for everyone at the EIE Group.

Where continuous service is concerned, Rapid Global has delivered time and time again and the EIE Group management team remains impressed. Any queries and issues have been resolved promptly and efficiently.

Completed implementation is not the end of service efforts by Rapid Global.  The team have been actively engaged with the EIE Group to see how Rapid Global solutions can continue to improve processes. Through these engagements, the EIE Group is looking at expanding its Rapid solutions to be encompassed in more areas of the business.

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