Risk Management


Rapid Risk software makes enterprise risk management simple

Rapid Risk is the one central location to report, store and follow up on all your company’s workplace safety risks.


Risk Management


Report risks

How would it help your company if you could report, store and follow up on all of your company’s safety risks in one place? How much more efficiently could you manage risk?

Rapid Risk online enterprise risk management (ERM) software is designed to assist your company in identifying, assessing, addressing and minimising risk. Rapid Risk provides you with an ERM system that increases your capacity for ERM to help improve safety in workplaces. Our integrated risk management system is the ideal solution for businesses of all sizes and from all industries with risk management needs. Easy to use and manage for all staff members, not just risk managers.

Report risks

Report any risk, anytime

With Rapid Risk ERM software, you can report risks whenever you notice them. Log in to your online account and use our intuitive risk register tool to report it.

Identify all aspects of risk

Identify all aspects of a risk

Conduct an online risk assessment with Rapid Risk. Using the comprehensive risk matrix, quickly identify every area of your company that risks have the potential to affect.

Risk categories

Classify risks into three broad categories

Classify risks into ‘Strategic’, ‘Project’ and ‘Operational’ categories. Break your strategic objectives down into smaller components and create a comprehensive risk picture.

Risk permissions

Give the required personnel full access

Rapid Risk provides your company with secure online risk management software to identify risks within the workplace. Have complete control to enable access for your OHS team, management, or other key personnel.

Effectively manage enterprise risk with Rapid Risk Management

Absorb and release the shock of ever-changing business risks.

If all of your work sites are logged on the system, you’ll be able to access a risk matrix that can accurately outline your risk profile in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Gathering information from all of your active Rapid Global modules, the system can calculate your likelihood of experiencing particular challenges.

The instant ability to upload, communicate, and monitor the progress of Response Plans means you can sustain your proactive approach before the impact grows too severe to absorb.

While some people wait for spreadsheets to be updated, you can see everything for exactly what it is through your Rapid Risk module.

Proactive risk behavior


Rapid Risk is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Identify and assess risks enterprise-wide

Create and deploy a risk universe to ensure standardised wording

Simplify enterprise risk reporting

Access to a risk library through the Risk Universe

Identify, monitor and review risks across all areas

Move away from static excel spreadsheets

Perform risk assessments

Add and define user roles and permissions

Have a more dynamic risk management process

Use a risk matrix to evaluate likelihood and impact of events

Upload and monitor your Response Plans for incidents

Enhance response to change

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Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about our software.

Do you have to be logged in to report a risk?

No. Anyone can report a risk without needing a password. The Report a Risk button can be displayed on your website, login screen or even desktops and your Rapid Access, ensuring anyone even visitors can report risks and help make your workplace safer.

Can the system be set up with our unique locations and risk types?

Yes. We ensure each system sold matches and enhances our client’s existing risk types and response procedures.

Can I include recommended actions for the investigation team to follow?

Yes. This is a feature in the system and can assist in ensuring the correct procedures are followed.

What is Rapid Risk?

Rapid Risk is an online fully hosted software application created by Rapid Global. It allows you and your workforce to report risks and apply the hierarchy of control to eliminate or control the risk using an online application.

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