5 signs it’s time to replace your spreadsheets with online scheduling systems



With today’s highly pressured and very performance-managed working environment, it becomes ever more important that your time is efficiently and effectively managed. Time spent planning, scheduling, and assigning tasks can be utilized in a more value-adding way if this process is automated. Scheduling tools can assist by automating repetitive tasks with the click of a button. They will also allow you to save and retain all information from multiple users in 1 place, so you can save time by not having to access several databases to access the information you need. If you can relate to any of the signs below, it may be time to automate your processes!

You keep missing your task deadlines

Most spreadsheets are great when you remember to open them and have time to manually update them (after having read through your 300+ emails for the day)! Of course, you need the time to do this.

An online scheduling system can take care of this for you. Systems will ensure that due dates are flagged, before they are due and, because users interface directly with the software, all communication is on hand and readily available.

Imagine having a system that automatically emails your supplier to come and service your machines/equipment before the warranty period expires!

You are missing your report deadlines

How often do you miss a report deadline because you get tied up in meetings all day, or because a colleague was not at work that day? How often do you have to spend time formatting reports because a new set of data has to be included?

An online scheduling system will allow you to automate when your reports need to be sent, and to whom, and will automatically send them for you!

Because all your information is live & captured in 1 place you immediately save time! Because it is centrally stored and real-time, your information is instantly updated and available at the touch of a button!

Your reports are sometimes inaccurate

Manual spreadsheets require manual updates and, of course, many are linked to other worksheets and information. And as we know, spreadsheets are fiddly. Put 1 wrong value in 1 cell and you are at risk that all your consolidated data can be inaccurate!

With online systems, you can be confident the information will not be supplied due to mistakes on manual entry, as a good online scheduling system will use controls when information is being inputted to ensure the right information is captured, in the right place, in the right format.

They also keep track of any changes made to reports, so you never forget what changes were made and why!

Your supporting information is kept in many different places and is hard or time consuming to find

As we are often reliant on many different sources of input for information, it is hard to keep track of the documentation and even harder to file it all in 1 place! Especially when some of the information is on paper and some are electronic. This often results in work performance or audit failure, because supporting documentation was not verified and/or is not available when required.

Online solutions digitize your paperwork and your paper trail. It uses workflow control to ensure documentation is attached where required. This includes all equipment information, documents, manuals, schematics and images, and materials. No need for your technicians to carry around bulky schematics or manuals. So, for example, you can ensure that the certificate from the supplier who serviced your fire hydrants is attached to the planned task. This makes verification and auditing a breeze!

You have to be in the office to access all the information you need

Very often colleagues keep documents on their desktop and supplier’s data cannot be accessed if missing. This causes frustrating delays and tasks are sometimes forgotten because of it!

Online systems are cloud-based and come with applications that can be accessed via any web-enabled device such as a smartphone or a tablet! All data is therefore centrally stored, easily accessed from anywhere!

Imagine being able to check which of your machines were serviced yesterday and the results of the audit while sitting in your Uber!