Incident reporting

Boost workplace safety with AI

Leverage AI-powered computer vision to streamline site access, enforce site-wide compliance, and reduce hazards and incidents.


Incident reports

Rapid Incident Reporting is a simple way to capture data and transform it into meaningful reports.

Our online incident reporting system is customisable to any industry and business size to meet the needs of your business. The insights from our incident software will help you protect workers on the job and support them in case of an incident. Our safety incident reporting & management software allows you to record, investigate, track, and analyse a variety of safety incidents, with zero paperwork.

Incident lifecycle

Manage the full incident lifecycle

Rapid Incident Reporting provides an incident management solution to manage the entire incident lifecycle. From a solution to report a site incident, to investigation, corrective actions, response procedures, and statistics reporting, Rapid Incident Reporting handles it all with ease.

Report incidents

What if you could manage incident reports in a simple yet efficient process through one real time incident reporting system?

Rapid Incident Reporting is an online, fully hosted incident reporting and management system. Our online incident management software ensures you can handle and track the lifecycle of the incident. Improve your business’ ability to investigate, gain insights and implement corrective actions.

Incident customisation

Customise the system to report any incident type

Rapid Incident Reporting can be used to record all incident types including injuries, environmental problems and quality issues. Attach photos and records of interviews to incident reports. Fully customisable for any business category or industry.

record incident details

Record all relevant aspects of the incident

Tailor your incident reporting form to capture the details relevant to your company. Fill out initial details at the scene on your device and complete the report at a computer later. Reduce the number of incidents by gaining insight from incident reports about key areas of concern related to the safety record of your business.

Automate your incident reporting with Rapid Incident Reporting

Lightning-quick incident reporting and management.

Your incident overview, across all of your work sites, will include a real-time account of how many suspected, confirmed, and recovered cases you have inside your organisation.

Rapid Incident will help you attach documents pertaining to every incident.

You can assign corrective actions and new preventative measures to specific people on your team, which can be used to further reduce the exposure levels of your personnel.

Create and extract customized reports, so your management team can stay on top of all incidents, and hand over detailed documentation to local authorities, when necessary.


Rapid Incident is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Report all incident types within the workplace

Report a site injury or incident using a standard OHS incident report template

Attach documents to incident reports

Implement corrective actions and automatically escalate notifications

Have a central incident register and incident management tools

Support workers through injury management and rehabilitation using case management tools

Investigate occupational health and safety incidents

Create custom, board-ready health and safety reports and meet compliance obligations

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Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about our software.

I need to calculate the costs of injured workers return to work/worker rehabilitation. How does Rapid Incident Reporting help?

Our system includes a section for calculating costs and hours to assist with the reporting of return to work rehabilitation. Claims are able to be created in the system and can include rehabilitation (return to work, light duties, or not returning to work), fatality, physiotherapy, or counseling. Attach Workcover details (international equivalent able to be incorporated), establish a work and treatment plan including duties and hours and costings.

How does the system ensure all incidents are investigated and actioned?

Rapid Incident Reporting features failsafe controls that ensure that when an incident is reported, relevant personnel are automatically informed, the investigation is launched and corrective actions are completed. Alerts are triggered when investigations or actions are overdue. Reports can be run to view any overdue actions and investigations.

Do you have to be logged in to report an incident?

No. Anyone can report an incident without needing a password. We have set up the system this way in order to avoid barriers that might prevent workers, contractors, and visitors from reporting incidents as soon as they occur.

Can the report only include incidents that involve our workers?

No. Rapid Incident Reporting allows you to add a person’s name in the form at the time of completing the report. This means the person involved in, or reporting the incident, can be a visitor, a contractor or consultant.

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