Simplify your workplace safety induction and compliance training process for contractors and employees

Rapid Induct is a fully customisable e-learning software perfect for businesses with employee induction and training needs. It enables you to upload relevant information, complete forms, onboard your contractors or employees and build your own courses for them to complete.


Induction lifecycle

Would your business run smoother if you didn’t have to deal with inductions and paper-based training processes?

Rapid Induct is an award-winning system for the creation and delivery of online courses. Our online induction software is perfect for businesses with training and induction needs. The system enables you to get your employees and contractors trained, compliant, inducted and on the job faster.

Have an effective induction and training process with this flexible and fully customisable compliance induction training software. Achieve a superior level of learning courses management and provide different access according to job role or security level.

Unlimited courses

Create and edit unlimited course content

Experience a superior way to deliver unlimited company induction content and training to your staff. Develop customised induction training courses. Be in control of your content, editing courses from your standard web browser. Add modules, create questionnaires or surveys and change images and document links, all with our user-friendly tools.

Effortless induction

Effortlessly induct anyone, anytime

Use Rapid Induct to complete health and safety inductions and train people remotely for a faster, smarter process. The flexible, online training software is available 24/7 from any web-enabled device or computer. Use the simple online employee training matrix to tailor courses to suit the needs of different personnel types. Assign them to the right person using our simple training matrix.

When used in conjunction with Rapid Contractor and Rapid Access, it is a comprehensive sub-contractor management solution.

Automate your site inductions with Rapid Induct

Effective and efficient work readiness training capabilities.

Create and personalise an unlimited number of courses, with custom branding.

Roll out effective and efficient training for every employee and contractor, on new health and safety regulations and workplace controls.

Automate training and progress reports to suit your schedule.

Strengthen your compliance and skills development programmes with minimal effort.

Train from anywhere, at any time, and collect any number and type of document you need.

Issue certificates, and store these in a central location.


Rapid Induct is the most intelligent software in its class with a wide range of unrivalled product features and benefits:

Create unlimited online courses customised to your brand

Customise WHS or OHS induction to your industry needs

Include video, audio, images, links and text

Includes free App. Check inductee status and certificates on the spot. 

Share documents with inductees and companies

Send a certificate for each learner

Deliver health and safety compliance training in the workplace

Receive automated weekly or monthly reports

Create unlimited induction and training courses.

Induct and train your staff remotely

Request employees to read and accept new policies

Receive automated weekly or monthly reports

Talk to Sales

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Why Rapid?

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70,000+ companies managed by our clients

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Learn the answers to the most common questions asked about our software.

Why does Rapid Induct provide full support to both administrators and learners?

Because our experience tells us that our client’s want a system that is seamless and streamlined. Not only is our software extremely reliable, but by offering full administrator support you are assured that you and your staff can always have access to tutorials, user guides and a real person at the other end of the phone or email to answer your questions quickly and efficiently. We know that software often comes with the perception of being problematic and difficult to use. We take away this stigma and believe when you provide service combined with superior technology clients appreciate the value for money.

Is Rapid Induct only for online induction or orientation courses?

No, although the name implies inductions, Rapid Induct actually has the ability to house all types of online courses including training.

The product began as an online induction tool, but has grown to become a learning management system (LMS) type of application that is sophisticated enough to manage any training, including storing the details of a learner’s external training sessions such as an offsite face to face course.

How much control can I have over how Rapid Induct works?

One of the mantra’s at Rapid Global is to give our clients control over their applications and this includes Rapid Induct. We have created our software so that you don’t have to stick within the limitations of a generic system but instead we give you the ability to control settings and customise features all with a tick of a box. Features such as adding a new administrator and individualizing their permissions, modify your company structure and create courses linked to that location, run site specific reports, set up learner categories to reflect your workforce and much more. You will be surprised by just how much you can do in Rapid Induct.

Does Rapid Induct have an App?

Yes. Our App allows you to check a learner’s status when out in the field, on site or anywhere at all, making it very convenient for you to know which workers have been inducted and trained even if they have forgotten their printed certificate or if you are not in front of a computer screen. It’s great for spot checks of contractors to ensure they are inducted.

Can I set up and edit my own courses or do I need to pay Rapid Global to do this?

Yes. Many of our clients regularly create courses in Rapid Induct simply by typing directly into our simple to use editor, adding images, video or audio and creating questionnaires. It is very easy to use and not at all like most technically difficult LMS applications. Ask us for a demo to see how easy it is.

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