3T Logistics Case Study


80+ employees
50 domestic contractors
220 contractors in Europe
Over 700 inductees




Rapid Contractor Management

Rapid Induct

3T Logistics is a rapidly expanding technology company offering supply chain and transport management solutions to businesses in Europe and the US. These solutions include 4th party logistics services, transport management systems, outsourcing through strategic partnerships and continuous improvement consultancy. 3T have about 85 employees and 50 domestic contractors (who are logistics suppliers), with around 220 contractors in Europe. The clients of 3T Logistics are located in around 20 different areas and 3T Logistics conduct transport operations centrally for them. 3T are excited to be among the first companies to incorporate artificial intelligence into their transport management systems, and their aim is to continue leading the way in developing cutting edge transport management solutions.


Prior to contact with Rapid Global, 3T Logistics felt that they could play a bigger part in ensuring driver competency. Realisation of this caused those working for the business to have a change in mindset towards thinking about safety more in terms of the entire workplace culture.

“It led to an acknowledgement that we should do more to help our suppliers understand the health and safety as well as operational requirements of our clients and has led to an increased use in Rapid Global’s products across the supplier management department.” Dan North, General Manager
Carrier Management at 3T Logistics

Management also felt that they did not have enough control over the quality of training that was being provided to drivers making deliveries for some of their clients. 3T Logistics first heard of Rapid Global through one of their clients who was using Rapid Induct to ensure drivers arriving on-site had a good understanding of the required health and safety policies. As safety is a major objective for 3T Logistics, this ability to ensure drivers were fully aware of company expectations and OH&S practices immediately appealed to them.


Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management were implemented by 3T Logistics to ensure those in the company were assuming responsibility for ensuring driver competency and compliance. Documents are now stored safely and securely, and those working for 3T appreciate the time saved through the automatic notifications sent to contractors directly when documents need to be renewed.

The use of the Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management software has enabled those at 3T Logistics to have the data available that is needed to support investigations into accidents or infringements. Now they are also able to clearly see which inductees have been successfully trained and what level of training they have attained.

“We now have a standard process for ensuring all our domestic suppliers are safe and legal via the customised portal. We are able to instantly identify if and when drivers are inducted and our training sign-off document ensures we can be confident about the level of training those drivers have received.”


“Our business understanding and approach to safety and compliance has improved greatly. We have gone from allowing our contractors to retain this responsibility to investing in our own experts to support our client’s requirements. We can be confident about the safety standards of our suppliers and can communicate this to our clients also.”

At present, 3T Logistics uses Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management software in their Carrier Management department, but they are currently in the process of exploring how Rapid Global’s software can be implemented further in other areas of the company so they can standardise processes and maximise the benefits of the Rapid product range. 3T Group are looking at potentially using Rapid Contractor Management to effectively manage all their European suppliers and contractors and Rapid Incident Reporting to manage supplier complaints and concerns.

3T is excited by the expansion phase they are currently going through and the growth they are seeing at all levels. They plan to increase their presence in Europe and the US over the coming months.

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