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AMP Capital is a leading investment house with over $145 billion in funds under management. AMP Capital has a heritage and strength in real estate and infrastructure as well as specialist expertise in fixed income, equities and multi-asset solutions.


AMP Capital was seeking a compliance management system to assist in the management of risk across their very large property portfolio which includes offices, shopping centres and industrial buildings.

“Prior to installing Rapid Induct, the AMP Capital risk Management team struggled with the logistics of conducting paper-based inductions for their contractors.”

– Jerusha Beresford, National Risk Manager, Office & Industrial – Shopping Centres, AMP Capital

The process to manage the contractor inductions was challenging across such a large portfolio. The method of how contractors attending sites were processed and provided access to the site was inadequate and did not offer sufficient control of risk. Collection of contractor documentation such as insurances was not managed well and the allocation of keys once the contractor attended certain sites required further security and control mechanisms.


Rapid Induct was introduced to induct contractors prior to site attendance. Contractors working at AMP Capital sites are required to complete an online induction course prior to site attendance. Upon arrival, to site the contractor will sign in at the Rapid Access iPad to enter their details and complete a short site safety induction.

Further to this process, 8 sites within the portfolio have also adopted the integration of a key dispenser unit for auto allocation of keys to validated contractors.

The online induction system and access control sign-in process have provided Site Managers with the ability to view inductee details and course stats. Upon arrival on-site, an SMS and email is sent to the host to advise them of the workers’/visitors’ arrival.

The Rapid Visitor Access Systems are being rolled out across the portfolio and provide a sign-in / sign out solution for all contractors as well as visitors upon site entry.


Stakeholders within the business have responded well to the systems with Operations staff now spending far less time managing inductions, freeing up their time to focus on other tasks. Site Managers are also benefiting by being able to report on who is signing in and how long the contractor is on-site for.

“At a corporate level, we now feel a lot more confident in being able to provide evidence of training for our contractors and to run reports on this. The integration capabilities that the Rapid software provides has allowed us to ensure that contractors are not able to sign into site without a valid induction or insurances. For some sites, contractors also require validation prior to accessing a hard key from the key dispensing cabinet. This is a significant improvement in compliance.”

The implementation of Rapid products into the business has been successful and is continually being expanded throughout the portfolio. From a risk management perspective, the outcome is a streamlined system with greater efficiencies and resulting in more control and wider confidence in compliance throughout the business.

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