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Babcock specialises in the design, manufacture, assembly, and aftermarket support of power generation solutions for leading brands. With an extensive workforce of highly experienced and skilled engineers.


Babcock services its customers on a project-by-project basis, which means that high volumes of temporary or project-based employment is required – up to 800 temporary employees per project in some cases.  There are many compliance requirements that must be adhered to when facilitating a large employment flux, and Babcock’s compliance regulations ensure that this process is according to the required safety standards, and compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act, especially the Pressure Equipment Regulations which form a part of it. Babcock was following a fully manual process of onboarding, training and assessing temporary employees.

“It was a very labor-intensive and time-consuming exercise, to process every temporary employee.– Uvesh Gajoo – Services Sales manager.

Babcock needed a way to achieve the same compliance without losing two full business days to the process of doing so.


Rapid Contractor was commissioned to ensure temporary employees’ and project workers’ records are collected and forms are completed electronically, well in advance of their start date.

Rapid Induct was commissioned to induct all employees, both initially when they start and on an ongoing basis, as required.  It is also used to ensure employees understand their training by testing their knowledge.

Rapid Auditor was commissioned to ensure safety and compliance audits are done when required, all documentation is collected and stored online against the audit and that audit actions are assigned and closed out as needed.


The system implementation was delivered within the project timeframe and met all client specifications!

“Babcock uses Rapid Contractor and Rapid Induct to make sure that only compliant employees can make their way to the sites where they’re needed, and that they have accurate information for when they arrive. Everything’s available on all our mobile phones, which makes it an easy platform to engage with. We no longer need to carry heavy files around from site to site.

During the initial rollout, there were hiccups, but OVS Solutions went out their way and they trained everybody on what to do in those situations. From a support perspective, we couldn’t have asked for a better supplier.

After seeing how seamlessly the system worked and being able to achieve significant time and cost savings using Rapid Contractor and Rapid Induct, the Safety Team decided to start using Rapid Auditor.  It is used on site every day and allows the safety team to do electronically what they had to do manually and on paper before. They also use their mobile phones and have quick and easy access to information.  Information is not duplicated, is much more accurate and our close-out rate has improved significantly.

“They really go all out; customer satisfaction is high up on their list.” Uvesh Gajoo – Services Sales manager.

Workforce Management Software

OVS Solutions is an official reseller of Rapid Global software. Our end-to-end WFM solutions empower you to streamline your workforce risk, safety and compliance management processes. Contact us today for a FREE 30-day trial.

Manage the entire lifecycle of contractors and suppliers from a centralised location. Track expiry dates and ensure compliance.

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Centralise all details related to an incident, assign corrective actions, and send automatic notifications to the correct personnel.

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Report, store, and follow up on all risks. Identify and assess any type of risk and develop action plans to deal with uncertain events.

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Create and deliver unlimited online courses. Get your employees and contractors trained, compliant, inducted and on the job faster.

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A system that automates audit management. Register tasks, automate reminders and complete audits and inspections from any device.

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Contactless visitor sign-in. Scan, check-in and go!
A simple out of the box contactless sign-in solution

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Streamlines visitor sign-in process. Ensure only compliant personnel have access to sites. Track who is onsite and view live records.

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Online software system that facilitates the request, creation, and issue of online work permits.

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Rapid Global software integration

Rapid offers a variety of integration options to third party systems and devices. Integrating your systems with Rapid saves you time and maximises productivity.