Catholic Safety Health & Welfare SA Case Study


10,000 Employees
25,500 Volunteers
240 Sites


Aged Care



Rapid Auditor

Rapid Incident Reporting

Catholic Safety Health and Welfare SA (CSH&W SA) is the WHS support and advisory unit for the Catholic Church in South Australia.

Responsible for the implementation and monitoring of safety management systems across SA to ensure that legislative compliance and conformance is met under the Performance Standards for Self Insurers in South Australia.


Employing over 10,000 employees across Schools, Aged Care, Social Services and Parishes as well as over 25,000 known volunteers across 240 worksites, the importance of implementing a safety management solution was critical.

The need to have a system to manage the reporting and investigation of incidents across a workforce of significant variance in size, location and activity was the key focus for the organisation.

Induction of contractors was also a requirement with a preference to move online in order to streamline the process.

Furthermore, management had a requirement to ensure all sites were complying with policies such as ensuring inspections and audits were regularly conducted, thoroughly completed and repeated on a regular or annual basis.


Since July 2011, CSH&W SA have used Rapid Incident Reporting across all 240 worksites to lodge incidents and follow through with investigation and corrective actions. The system is also used to upload related documentation and store evidence related to investigations and provides CSH&W SA WHS Consultants with the ability to monitor the entire process and ensure all possible elements have been considered.

“Rapid Incident Reporting provides an excellent application for the Church to record and retain information related to incidents. Rapid Global have been extremely supportive and accommodating through the development, implementation and ongoing management of this application in our organisation. The latter being a contributing factor in CSH&W SA exploring the possibility of implementing other products in the Rapid Global suite.”
– Kathy Grieve – Executive Manager – Catholic Safety Health & Welfare SA

Rapid Auditor was also implemented and is used widely throughout the organisation to ensure repetitive tasks such as asbestos inspections, fire drills and workplace checks are allocated to personnel and completed in a timely manner.


Rapid Incident Reporting is customisable to suit the client’s needs. CSH&W SA uses the system to report and monitor complaints against the operation of the Safety Management System, to report hazards and record student incidents. Since using Rapid Incident Reporting, CSH&W SA has found many benefits that provide them with the capabilities they need to keep various sectors within the company in check.
Some of these include:

  • Monitoring of non-conformances issued by CSH&W SA to worksites for not conforming with the system. This allows the worksite to determine actions required to conform and ensure actions are completed in a timely manner.
  • The system provides WHS Officers with immediate and valid information to assist them in meeting their due diligence responsibilities under the WHS Act.
  • The immediate email escalation of information alerts, informs WHS Officers of incidents and events.
  • The excellent reporting capability enables management to keep abreast of trends and risks within
    their business.

The management of important repetitive tasks such as inspections and audits is now much easier through the use of Rapid Auditor. The management team are now provided with an audit trail and full control over all maintenance management.

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