Transdev Queensland Case Study


Bus operations in the Brisbane area, connecting local communities
450 employees
8 million trips made each year




Rapid Contractor Management

Rapid Induct

Transdev QLD is an innovative and dynamic international company operating buses and ferries throughout Queensland. The Transdev safety charter holds safety as its credo and number one priority, underlining every activity undertaken throughout the organisation and its sites. Carrying almost 3 million passengers each year and employing more than 200 workers as well as numerous contractors, Transdev Queensland is committed to the health and safety of all employees and customers.


Managing contractor compliance and inductions proved to be the challenge for Transdev. With employees and contractors working side by side on sites and operating the buses and ferries, the process for induction and pre-start training was very time-consuming. Face to face inductions was not a time-efficient or reliable method given the nature of the business. Collecting, recording and storing evidence of worker and contractor licenses was also a challenge. Furthermore, there was a significant risk to the business if the process of sighting worker competency certificates and licenses was not thoroughly carried out and recorded.

“Safety notices were frequently issued to contractors with incidents.”

Incidents such as a contractor involved in a near-miss being found to be unlicensed to drive a 2 axle vehicle, posed a risk within the business that needed a solid management solution. To have a system whereby contractor qualifications and compliance information could be reliably collected and stored was critically important to reduce this risk. The challenge was to cater to a diverse contractor workforce including contractor drivers as well as maintenance workers. The focus was on providing a system to deliver both an effective induction training program and ensuring compliance of the contractor company as well as the individual.


Transdev QLD implemented Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management in order to address the challenge of managing contractor compliance and inductions. Previously their process was ineffective and time-consuming involving site face to face inductions with the collection, sorting and filing of the related contractor documents and licenses.

Implementing the online induction software has provided Transdev QLD with the ability to induct workers before site arrival ensuring the safety culture, as well as policies and procedures, are being communicated effectively and in a standardized manner. Workers are able to complete their training at a time and location that is convenient to them and on any device with an internet connection including a mobile phone.

Rapid Contractor Management was also implemented and now forms the basis of a robust contractor management system which collects and stores contractor information including licenses and insurances.


Transdev QLD now inducts contractors and collect contractor documents online such as licenses and insurances. Contractors swipe in on arrival and the system checks for their compliance status before approving site access. Retrieval of contractor and inductee data is able to be accessed via the online system or by using the Rapid Induct App when out on-site for immediate on the spot checking of contractors. With the implementation of a more robust system, Transdev QLD is now receiving glowing reports during the auditing process. The online database is fully supporting the organisation’s policies and procedures and provides management with excellent transparency of all data.

“On-site compliance has increased from 40% to 99.7%”

Since going ‘live’ with the system, on-site compliance has increased from 40% to 99.7%, risk has been reduced and the rate of safety notices being issued has dramatically fallen (with only one notice issued in the last 12-18 month period).

“Our yearly outlay costs for managing contractors and contractor inductions have reduced by 72%. These costs are made up of system management costs and man-hours costs and include contractor back billing for time spent on site doing inductions. The yearly cost saving just in wages for managing contractors has decreased by 92% alone.”

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