Effectively manage the contractors you employ

Manage Contractors You Employ

Keep up to date with all your company happenings and supervise contractors with the touch of a button. Furthermore, reduce your company’s admin burden, maintain a full audit trail, prevent illegal access to the site, and remain compliant with Health and Safety standards.

Rapid Contractor Management, allows you, the employer, to collect contractor’s information which allows you to ensure that they are compliant with legislation. Contractor Management is hosted online, so you’re able to build a database of each contractor’s details. From pre-qualifications, licenses, certifications, insurance cover, and safety certifications, everything is simple and accessible, drastically reducing your admin and filing burden. It’s also the only system with a combined performance review function, which enables you to track contractor performance.

Essentially, this software is a kind of gatekeeper, making sure your contractors are fulfilling their required duties. It also tracks and sends alerts when contractors’ work permits and other essential documents may have expired. This prevents your workspace from becoming vulnerable to uninsured contractors.

The best part is, with these documents all uploaded on the system, dates can be tracked and automated email reminders can be sent to remind contractors to renew any necessary documents.

Additionally, when the Contractor Management software is used with our Rapid Access system, you can also prevent illegal access to the site. This is a serious problem facing the construction industry in South Africa, and with this system, you’re able to monitor and control who is on site.

We want to keep your company secure and compliant and that is precisely what Rapid Contractor Management will do.
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