Flatten the curve with Rapid Global

We’re here to help you outsmart COVID-19 using the tools you have available.

All around the world, leaders in government and in business are working together to combat COVID-19, but the most effective approach thus far has been prevention, wherever possible. Andrew Harding, BBC’s Africa Correspondent, specifically highlighted the “ruthlessly efficient” strategy being applied throughout the continent. There’s no doubt that South Africa’s decisive action is setting a precedent for other national leaders, and that the effective collaboration between private and public sectors is yielding positive results.

As lockdown continues to grip more and more countries, remote work is being swiftly adopted, and essential service businesses are under even more pressure to not only continue as usual but to ramp up production and efficiency levels. We’ve dedicated time as a team, to highlight how the Rapid Global product suite can be used today to flatten the curve.

Rapid Access

The Rapid Access module lets you monitor and control whoever enters your work sites. This becomes exceptionally powerful during the pandemic, and in a state of lockdown, because you can use it to ensure that only 100% essential workers are reporting for duty and that you remain compliant to your national regulations. You’ll also be able to provide your local authorities instantly with a complete, accurate log of which people entered your site, for what purpose, and how much time was spent there.

Track and trace efforts around the world are being prioritised, and Rapid Access places this crucial ability right at your fingertips. As an example, if Rapid Incident is used to report a suspected case of COVID-19 on any of your work sites, Rapid Access will help you display this as emergency information to any essential workers entering the premises, and also generate an evacuation list so you can account for everybody, and hand over the detailed site information to authorities and healthcare workers, to proceed with testing and other protocol. The geolocation feature that’s baked into the module will enable your local authorities to swiftly communicate with other departments if one of your employees or contractors recently visited another work site.

Rapid Auditor

Tying into the information you accumulate through your operation, Rapid Auditor enables you to provide your local authorities with detailed information about every element of your business. You can empower healthcare workers with track and traceability, as well as highlight priority items based on your own health and safety initiatives. Your audit trail from Rapid Auditor helps authorities manage their resources more effectively.

You can quickly display your health and safety audit history, so authorities can confirm you as a responsible business. In the event that you receive any instructions to relay onward to your employees and contractors, your Rapid Auditor module will enable you to assign particular tasks. By scheduling alerts and reminders, you’ll be able to track how efficiently your team executes on these, and how proactive your business can be.

If you’re an essential service business, right now your operation depends on your equipment and machinery being in tip-top shape. You can access your risk and service profiles for your production and quality control lines through Rapid Auditor, too, and if you don’t know how then just ask us – we’ll gladly show you how.

Rapid Contractor and Rapid Induct

The depth of benefit from this module is actually a challenge to summarise! If you work with this module, you already know that it adds value both for you and for your contractors. In your frontline battle against COVID-19, there are a few specific ways we recommend using this powerful tool.

Firstly, you’ll know that Rapid Induct is built in so you can create, share and make it mandatory for every employee and contractor to complete e-learning courses about the virus, health and safety regulations and the policies you have put in place to ensure the highest hygiene standards are being adhered to. You can also use the Rapid Induct component to assess everyone, and only permit site access once a certain score is obtained on the assessments. Think about it – you’re directly preventing ignorance and assumption-based behaviour. That’s a massive win, upfront!

Your Rapid Contractor module, on the other hand, will help you monitor the compliance of your contractors. If you have any additional requirements during the pandemic, you can upload these into Rapid Contractor, and communicate instantly with your contractors. They’ll get notified of your needs for new documents, new compliance assessments, and the need to update their own staff records through their MyRapid login. All this information is made directly available to you and, if the need arises, your local authorities and healthcare workers.

Additional Rapid Contractor benefits

The system doesn’t stop working just because there’s a lockdown. All of your contractors who are dependent on licences and permits to work with you will continue receiving expiry notifications, approval, and rejection messages, as you receive their documents and attachments. Being able to quickly and easily navigate to find all the company information about your contractor can even empower you to refer the essential service businesses you use, to other companies in your network, like your suppliers.

One of the most crucial benefits of your Rapid Contractor module during this pandemic is the auto-suspend feature. Whether it’s for observed performance issues or the need to suspend non-essential activities on one or more of your sites because of national lockdowns being implemented, you are just a few clicks away. Acting on all of these functions is easier than you think. Our support team is on standby to assist you.

Rapid Incident

A little while ago, we discussed the example of Rapid Incident being used to report on a suspected COVID-19 case. The power of the module extends beyond this. You see, you can create a specific incident type for anything related to the virus. This means that your incident overview, across all of your work sites, will include a real-time account of how many suspected, confirmed, and recovered cases you have inside your organisation. This level of accuracy and speed is highly valued by Researchers, Medical Practitioners, and Government Representatives at the moment.

Although we’d like to avoid thinking of it, the reality is that injuries and fatalities on a worksite do occur. Rapid Incident will help you attach documents pertaining to every incident, be it an insurance claim to compensate a worker’s family, or a medical report to identify recovery time required per person. You can assign corrective actions and new preventative measures to specific people on your team, which can be used to further reduce the exposure levels of your personnel.

Another key benefit is that you can create and extract customised reports, so your management team can stay on top of all incidents, and hand over detailed documentation to local authorities, when necessary.

Rapid Permit

Right now, there’s a lot of debate about who fits within the classification of an essential service business. Using the auto-suspend feature in Rapid Contractor, alongside the work permit application, approval and rejection functions in Rapid Permit will help you create an airtight account of who you’ve permitted onto your work sites, when, and for what reason. Hospitals and medical centres with any equipment requiring servicing will be able to motivate, to local authorities, as to why service- or trade-based workers are en route to and from medical facilities.

Our current situation means that every activity conducted outside the safety of one’s home is a high-risk action. Rapid Permit allows you to gain a deeper insight into those essential few tasks that need to be carried out, while storing all of the data in one place so, again, if you need to hand anything over to authorities, you’d be empowering them with full-scope track and trace abilities. Being able to comment on any hazards following the completion of permitted tasks also allows you to report incidents, send alerts to the relevant people in your organisation and alert third parties, like healthcare workers, if necessary.

Rapid Risk

It’s a challenge to build a crisis management plan overnight, which is where Rapid Risk really comes in handy. If all of your work sites are logged on the system, you’ll be able to access a risk matrix that can accurately outline your risk profile in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. Gathering information from all of your active Rapid Global modules, the system can calculate your likelihood of experiencing particular challenges.

The instant ability to upload, communicate, and monitor the progress of Response Plans means you can sustain your proactive approach before the impact grows too severe to absorb. The dynamism of this module is your greatest weapon in the frontline battle, specifically because while some people wait for spreadsheets to be updated, you can see everything for exactly what it is through your Rapid Risk module.

Rapid Global basics

Remember that you can still create and define specific users with permissions, so speak to our support team if you need help executing this. You may want a temporary additional user for any local authority, or a consulting health and safety practitioner, which we can help you set up.

You may also need to activate other integrations, to improve the efficiency of sending and receiving information within your organisational network. As we make the effort to work remotely, where possible, everything needs to come together in harmony, to help you weather the storm successfully. We’re here to help you with this, and invite you to speak to our support team for assistance.

If you’re not yet a Rapid Global user, we’re confident that we can help you get started, and prioritise the frontline fight against COVID-19 with you. Click here to book a call with one of our team members, and let’s see how we can strengthen your business against this invisible enemy.