Prevent illegal access to site

Prevent Illegal Access to Site

During our time in the market over the past 2 years, we have become aware of cases where illegal, non-compliant labour is brought to site to accelerate a project that is running late. These workers are not registered on any database or received the required induction to be on site

These illegal labourers present a significant Health & Safety as well as a Financial risk.

With a system like Rapid Access, you’re able to track who is on site at all times. You are also able to ensure that entry is strictly given to approved workers. Each employee and contractor can be assigned an ID card containing all their details which are swiped or scanned on arrival.

If unskilled and illegal labour has access to your premises, they would have access to company equipment and staff belongings.  Theft could then become an issue, not to mention potential liabilities if they were to be the cause of a workplace incident.

When linked to Rapid Contractor the software can also perform cross-checks against the employee and contractor database, thereby eliminating unauthorised personal onto a site. This system is particularly important for companies with multiple sites and high-risk areas.

As well as keeping track of employee movements and access, the system monitors whether certain details are up to date. When workers swipe their access cards, the system searches the database and finds the compliance status of the individual. It will bring up a notification if their credentials are not up to date and they can then be denied access or redirected to the site officer.

With this kind of system in place, it makes it difficult for unauthorised personal access onto the property, which in turn, decreases the possibility of ghost employees on your premises. Every employee is accounted for, reducing the vulnerability of your company and the risk of potential lawsuits.

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