Rapid Change


The last year has been an interesting one for us. We identified our own gap in the market and settled in just fine. With compliance at the heart of everything we do, we’ve helped countless clients meet their industry’s requirements through our software solutions that make a real difference.

Our products have helped our clients save time, eliminating the admin work of the past so that they can get back to the things they’re trained to do. Through this, we’ve added value to many businesses in a way that exceeds needs. Our clients have enjoyed access to real-time information, regardless of device or location, as well as our automated notifications that give people what they need, when they need it. Whether it’s audits, permits, incident reports, and even management, our software has made us an indispensable part of many operations.

Now it’s time for a change…

We’ve all heard that saying – about change being as good as a holiday, but when it comes to a business, a rebrand is a different kind of change. Whilst some see it as a daunting path that leads down an unknown abyss, One Vision Systems have embraced this, knowing that it’s for the best.

Meet our new name: Rapid Global (Africa)

Why? Well, as providers of international, award-winning workforce management solutions from the Rapid Global stable, it just made sense. After some time in the African market, we noticed that high-level corporations favour service providers with long-standing legacies. Thus, our new branding will show our clientele that we’re part of a long-standing company and a much bigger picture so that they can have faith in our success.

An additional reason for this change has been the confusion that stems from One Vision Systems selling Rapid Global products. From a correspondence point of view, customers would purchase from us and receive an automated response from Rapid Global. Naturally, this raised a few question marks but this will be a thing of the past – because we’re taking on the same name as our products.

We know that our clients will respond positively to this change, as they’re already aware of the connection between Rapid Global and us. As far as new clients go, they’ll have the security of an international brand and its respected legacy.

A recap on 2016…

This year, we became aware of the different routes to sell between different sized businesses. Whilst the sale is often easier with smaller to medium companies, the implementation can be difficult due to lack of resource knowledge, and often the solutions are not used to their full potential. On the other hand, larger companies pose a challenge due to internal structures and top-level sign-offs. We expect that our rebrand will ease the approval processes so that we can make even more corporations compliant next year.

2016 has been a year of building the business, relationships, and trust. We found our clients extremely receptive to our solutions. In fact, we haven’t had a single client tell us that they don’t deliver! Now, we’re gearing up to make 2017 our best year yet, with a new name and a new mission… to expand, rapidly. As a known and trusted brand, we look forward to creating even more credibility for the brand, here in South Africa.

What’s next?

By the end of next year, we hope to solidify our place as the preferred provider of workforce/compliance management solutions in Africa. With a proven track record and over 100 000 Rapid Global clients worldwide, that shouldn’t be hard to do. We thank you for your support during this time and we look forward to a prosperous new year!