Rapid Contractor Management wins Product Excellence Award

“As an Australian owned software development company, we are proud to have our leading product, Rapid Contractor Management, awarded as a winner of The Australian Business Awards 2016 for Product Excellence.  Rapid Contractor Management is used by many of Australia’s leading businesses to manage risk associated with a contractor workforce.

Our team is honoured to have our software solutions play an important role in the transformation of businesses throughout the world.  By transitioning a business from a manual process of contractor management into a streamlined and cohesive system, which allows all areas of the business to manage risk from the one central database, Rapid Contractor Management is truly an outstanding product.

When this solution was first created in 2008, it was the first dedicated contractor management software solution available in Australia and has been a leader in its field ever since.  Rapid Contractor Management was first awarded The Australian Business Award for Product Excellence in 2012 and being awarded this accolade in 2016 is an outstanding achievement for the business as a whole.

We have worked tirelessly to ensure the strength of the Rapid Contractor Management solution and to exceed the expectations of our diverse range of clients.  This tribute of “Product Excellence” is a reward for our efforts to remain relevant and innovative by consistently working to deliver a product that is technologically advanced while exceeding the expectations of customers.  We are proud to say that today Rapid Contractor Management is used by hundreds of household name organisations and has had a significant and positive impact on the way Australians conduct business.”

Tim Johnson, Managing Director, Rapid Global