Rapid Incident – The benefit of a centralised Incident Reporting System

Centralised Incident Reporting SystemIt is a well-known fact that incidents happen in the workplace, but how a company deals with them once they’ve happened is extremely important.

Managing incidents effectively can save time, money, and admin hassles. Imagine a centralised system that keeps a record of all aspects of the accident and ensures all incidents are followed through with an investigation? Well, with Rapid Incident Software, one can do just this and much more.

Staff and contractors can report an incident as soon as it happens from any computer with internet access. This ensures immediate action with an accuracy of information because the software can record and track the lifecycle of the incident. All these features provide real-time access, which ultimately makes the incident easier to address and keep a record of.

Rapid Incident keeps companies’ complaint from a health and safety point of view, but it also allows for corrective actions to be taken, in the hope that a repeat accident doesn’t occur.

One of the major benefits of a centralised and accessible system like this in place is the increased employee engagement it encourages. Any employee can contribute information and report an incident. This helps to build a sense of appreciation amongst employees. They feel like they matter by being able to contribute information and they are also encouraged, knowing that any potential incident they may be involved in would be taken seriously.

Additionally, the threat of inconstant reporting is eliminated, increasing the company’s reputation for quality control and health and safety standards.

Rapid Incident also calculates workers’ compensation and return to work cost. Claims are stored on the system and numerous costs can be included, such as rehabilitation, fatality, physiotherapy, or counseling.

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