Train your employees with ease and remain compliant with Rapid Induct 

Do you have a high staff turnover? Or perhaps your company is growing so much, you find yourself employing staff at an increased rate?

If so, Rapid Induct will drastically simplify your companies admin. This software can assist with a multitude of tasks, such as initial staff induction, personal document collection, exit interviews, monthly corporate surveys, questionnaires, and the training of staff.

For instance, employing new staff can lead to a lot of long and rather time-consuming paperwork in the first few days of employment. With a program like Rapid Induct, which is hosted online, the orientation process can be simplified and sped up, freeing up your new employee to start work and begin familiarising themselves with the company immediately. This is beneficial to you as a company because you’re able to get the most out of your new staff member from day one, with no time or money wasted.

Now think about a scenario where you want to find out if your employees are happy and satisfied in their jobs. It’s a known fact that you’ll have the most productive employees when they feel like they’re meeting a level of self-fulfilment and job satisfaction in their occupations.

With Rapid Induct, you’re able to develop and create questionnaires and surveys that can be sent around to your staff. These are filled out online, through the program, and you can obtain immediate feedback and consolidate the information through the reporting feature. This information is very useful, particularly if companies are looking to restructure or implement new processes.
In addition to this, training and empowering your staff is essential, especially in corporate, large scale industries. When employees begin or need to be upskilled to learn a new product, the full range of content stored in the library can be delivered from Rapid Induct directly to the employee, this eliminates days that employees need to spend away from the office and travel costs that may be involved with sending staff off-site to be trained. The program even produces a certificate for each learner including declaration, pass score, checklist, and questions.

Many large-scale operators such as Kraft, Ford, and Boeing Aero have all used Rapid Induct to train their employees and contractors. So, if your company needs a solution to training new or existing employees, upskilling staff, or even just a central facility to store documents, think about introducing Rapid Induct into your company structure.

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