What are the benefits of a mobile visitor management system?

If your business is using a visitor management system, then you’re already well on your way to meeting the necessary health and safety legislation and requirements.

But if your system is not mobile, then you are missing out on many benefits.

What are visitor management systems?

Visitor management systems allow organizations to efficiently welcome, keep track of, and manage the visitors of a building, facility, office, place of business, or any other location. It’s one of the most efficient ways for organisations to implement their visitor management policies, reduce the risk of unauthorised access and comply with the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Benefits of a mobile visitor management system

Many managers and compliance officers are already finding that mobile is the way to go for all visitor access systems.

It makes sense as the world is increasingly mobile-dependent. We all use our mobiles for more than just phone calls and texts. People are getting used to using their phones to check into venues, log into bank accounts, order food or transport, and access the news.

 6 reasons to choose a mobile visitor management system

1. Quick and simple installation

Mobile visitor management systems are easy to deploy, and Rapid GO offers quick and simple installation. You simply create an account and download the app. This means managers can easily implement the system, especially across multiple sites.

If you needed your sign-in system set up yesterday, then you are going to love Rapid GO.

2. No hardware costs

As visitors will be using their own devices, there’s no additional hardware required, so you can save on costs while still enjoying the benefits of the best technology.

3. Contactless sign-in solution

Mobile visitor management systems allow you to simply scan the QR code on arrival using your device. With Rapid GO known employees can automatically check in using geofencing technology. This can also speed up check-in and reduce waiting or queues.

4. Create a great first impression

When you can welcome visitors, contractors, and employees to your site quickly and efficiently, this creates a great first impression for all visitors.

You can also assign visitors with a host which is great for unmanned receptions and allows your employees to focus on welcoming the visitor with all the formalities and compliance checks taken care of.

Replacing paper-based systems with a mobile visitor management system eliminates long hours of administration allowing time to focus on more important tasks, by being able to send automatic evacuation messages to personnel on site and the ability for them to send ‘safe’ messages when they reach the muster point. You instantly get clarity of who is accounted for.

5. Know who is on-site in real-time

Rapid GO allows you to track visitors in real-time. You’ll have access to detailed reports which show:

Who is on your site at all times

How much time visitors have spent on your site

Contract tracing data

Manage emergency evacuations

Being able to instantly retrieve all this data helps manage site capacity restrictions and for managing social distancing in your workplace. A single solution to easily check-in and manage all types of visitors including contractors, employees, customers, and clients.

6. Manage contractor compliance

When you have contractors on your site, you need a system to support your contractor compliance lifecycle. Make use of Rapid’s powerful native integrations to streamline workplace safety, compliance, and risk management processes. You can integrate the Rapid Access app with Rapid Induct and Rapid Contractor Management to seamlessly build additional contractor screening controls into each entry point.

You can also refuse entry to any contractor that does not have evidence of Company insurance, induction training, licenses such as heavy vehicles and forklifts, trade qualifications, and first aid.

Is your business visitor ready?

A mobile visitor management system gives you an essential tool to manage infection controls at your workplace.

Rapid GO is quick and easy to set up. It has an intuitive dashboard, is easy to use on any device, as well as live access to Rapid’s support team and training tools.

Like to learn more about mobile visitor access systems? Speak to our experts and request a free demonstration: https://ovs-solutions.com/contact-us/